Applied Epigenetics

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What is Epigenetics?

EPIGENETICS: Epi implies forces that are above, in addition to, or on top of the cell membrane. Genetics refers to the DNA in the nucleus, the library of blueprints, which is found inside of each mitochondrion of a living organism or individual cell.

It merely means that you are above your genes. You, as an individual, have the power or control over your genetic expression and reprogramming. It also means that your genetic code controls approximately only 10% or less of your gene activity and DNA programming. Most importantly, your perceptions of your environment control 90% of your DNA, essentially your free will!

What is Applied Epigenetics?

Applied epigenetics is the new frontier of healing. It is a practical application of epigenetics.  It is a bridge or a connection between epigenetics and holistic healing. Applied epigenetics is a dual concept theory. It is a marriage between two phenomenal healing sciences - match made in Heaven!

First, let’s examine each concept independently. You will learn that together, it will be a very effective way to heal. There is a seamless synergistic relationship between the two.

Applied Epigenetics Formula:

I’m a math girl. I love equations. I love playing numbers and thoroughly enjoyed algebra and calculus in high school (although I probably couldn’t do a calculus problem to save my life now). So I came up my own applied epigenetics equation.

Applied Epigenetics = Epigenetics + Holistic Healing = Optimal Health

This means that Applied Epigenetics is your free will (conscious perception and response) PLUS your body’s holistic self-healing systems and tools (your biology) EQUALS reprogramming of your DNA to OPTIMAL HEALTH AND HEALING!

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In the movie Terminator, the T-1000 indestructible humanoid cyborg, a liquid metal being that is able to rebuild itself when it got hurt played by Robert Patrick? Your body’s immune system is almost the same to that process and much, much, more! It is designed to be virtually indestructible because it can heal itself. The trick is that it has to be coming from your free will. The catch is that you have to choose to be healthy. It is a fantastic self-healing machine, and you are the driver!

Speaking of machines, it is interesting to note that on October 6, 2013, the most expensive car on record was sold at auction for $52 million!  At $173K per horsepower, the vintage 1963 Ferrari 250 GTO is one of only 39 ever made. This car may hold the record for most expensive, but its value is nothing compared to your internal machine – the human body. God made your body! It is a priceless machine, and you should value and appreciate its divine beauty and mechanism. It is worth more than all the most expensive machines in the entire universe. Also, you are guaranteed to have a brand new model every two years, if you take care of yourself according to how you are designed.

Your body and its self-healing capacity is the true wonder of the world. We do it unconsciously every day however it is massively dependent on our conscious choices and responds to our subjective perceptions. And it is more important now than ever before to spread this priceless information.

The purpose of this book is to explain the miracle of the amazingly powerful but simple self-healing capacity of your body in order to achieve optimal health and prevent disease. And if you get sick, this book will equip you on how to heal faster and more effectively.  It will give you your best shot…

But one thing needs emphasizing right at the start… Being healthy is a personal choice - a choice made every second of the day! Your body is perfectly tailored towards being happy and healthy.  There is no single formula or a magic bullet or shortcut to perfect health. The world of knowledge of self-healing potential is both simple and yet far too confusing due to widespread medical and market misinformation. Just follow the money to see who benefits from what is being promoted … any effort to apply a single set formula is likely to backfire or downright deceiving!

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