The Sexy Art of High Heel Walking


When you read this fun and informative book, you will discover:

• How to walk in high heels with grace and confidence — without injury.

• 5 ways to change the agony to ecstasy if you find walking in heels painful.

• Tips on choosing the right shoe for you: How to find your sole mate.

• How to maintain a proper posture when standing and walking  in high heels.

• TLC for your feet: Ways to pamper your feet, plus shoe care and storage tips.

It’s like learning how to ride a bike. Once you’ve learned the art and science of high heel walking, you will never forget it! This is the book that every woman should read if they are considering wearing high heels. While high heeled shoes are beautiful and glamorous, many women suffer foot, back and ankle injuries while wearing them.

Dr. Gigi Siton is an expert on the biokinetics of walking in high heels. She has taught everyone from airline stewardesses and models to prom-going teenagers and women recovering from foot injuries the finer points of walking in these sexy shoes.

She wrote The Sexy Art of High Heel Walking to share her unique tips and tools to help high heel walkers get back on their feet and out of pain. This book focuses on how to enjoy the sexy art of high heel walking without ruining your foot health.  You’ll also gain a new appreciation of high heel shoes’ historical significance and all the shoe essentials, from shoe anatomy to proper shoe fitting and a shoe buying guide.